SPEA Spotlight: Tufts

SPEA Spotlight
Regency: Six
Regent: Steven Daws
Local Chapter: Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
Location: Boston, MA
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kathryn Ragalis
SPEA Chapter President: Ian Dicandson
Vice-president: Lauren Hagspiel
Treasurer: Ashley Mullaney
Secretary: Stefane Bourguignon
D19 Representative: Ahmad Abazari
Event Title: SPEA and Tufts + Alumni!
Professionalism in action! The full chapter of Tufts SPEA met with the Dean of Tufts Dental to accept a check from gracious alumni Dr. Janice Conrad who donated her award from the American College of Dentists earlier this year. The funding will be put to good use, as the group has a “Questionable Ethics Discussion” dinner in the works and a Town Hall meeting later in the year. This chapter may be new, but we are growing fast and growing strong!

Pictured above in right image from left to right: Ahmad Abazari D19 (D19 Representative), Dr. Kathryn Ragalis (Advisor), Stefane Bourguignon D20 (Secretary), Dr. Huw Thomas (Dean of TUSDM), Dr. Steve Rubin (Advisor), Lauren Hagspiel D19 (Vice President), Ashley Mullaney D19 (Treasurer), Ian Dickinson D19 (President), Jesse Huston D19 (Member at Large)