SPEA Spotlight: Touro

SPEA Spotlight

Regency: Six
Regent: Steven Daws
ACD Regent: Dr. Mark A. Bauman
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Eric Wachs
SPEA Chapter President: Jessica Li
(ASDA Chapter President): Ben Kahan

Local Chapter: Touro College of Dental Medicine @ NYMC
Location: Hawthorne, NY
M.C.: Jessica Li
ACD Regent – Dr. Mark A. Bauman
President of The Ninth District Dental Association- Dr. Mary Ellen Lukaswitz
Past-President of The Ninth District Dental Association – Dr. Paul Kim
Member of The Ninth District Board of Governors – Dr. Duraid Sahawneh
Photographer(s): Mark A. Bauman & Deborah Anders

Event Title: From Student to Practitioner & The Role of Organized Dentistry

On Friday, April 28, 2017, Touro College of Dental Medicine had its inaugural joint meeting hosted by the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) and Student Professionalism & Ethics Association (SPEA) chapters. This event was co-sponsored by The Ninth District Dental Association and the New York Section of the American College of Dentists.

The program included a pizza lunch and a panel discussion — covering topics including, but not limited to, ethical considerations, an overview of organized dentistry, the benefits of involvements with organized dentistry, and the American College of Dentists (please see below for a list of questions). Questions were set prior to the event and each panelist was randomly assigned a question to answer. The floor was then opened for follow-up questions from students.

Special thanks to: Dr. Mark Bauman (ACD Regent), Dr. Julie Connolly (Columbia), Steven Daws (SPEA Regent), Dr. Michael Meru (National Head of SPEA), Juliet Tchor (Columbia), Dr. Eric Wachs (Touro), and all panelists (see above).