SPEA Spotlight: IU

Indiana University School of Dentistry SPEA Chapter Presents: The Indiana State Board of Dentistry
SPEA Spotlight:
SPEA Chapter Highlight:
Regency: Four
Regent: Josh Bussard
Local Chapter: Indiana University
Location: Indianapolis, IN
– President: Jill Stetzel
– Vice President: Patrick McIntyre
– Secretary: Jennifer Wu
– Treasurer: Chase Ellinwood
-Social Media Chair: Maria Veronica Contreras
-Director of Hospitality: Stephanie Bowers
-Thank you note writing: Katherine Ferry
Event Title: Professionalism Panel
Students and faculty gathered in one of the lecture halls at IUSD to listen to insight on dental licensure, board hearings, and state laws regarding dentistry from Dr. Mark Stetzel, Dr. Richard Nowakowski, and Dr. Gregory Berger. Dr. Stetzel is the current president of the Indiana State Board of Dentistry, and in the past, has served in the ADA house of delegates, as the president of the Indiana Dental Association (IDA), and as the president of the Isaac Knapp District Dental Society. Dr. Nowakowski is the current secretary for the Indiana State Board of Dentistry and Dr. Berger is a newly appointed member of the State Board. Both Dr. Stetzel and Dr. Nowakowski are IUSD graduates of the class of 1984. Dr. Stetzel gave a short presentation on the current dynamics of state board exams, some of his personal values concerning patient care, and a comparison between the duties of the State Board and the IDA. Through his experiences with both institutions he observed that the state board has goals oriented more toward serving the public whereas the IDA, with its peer review board, is more focused on protection of the dentists. Following the presentation, Dr. Stetzel and Dr. Nowakowski led an engaging discussion on the current initiative for one nationally recognized board exam and the ethical dilemmas of the live patient board exam. Students and Dean John Williams debated possible alternatives or improvements that would constitute better protection of the patients but also adequate examination of the students’ clinical capabilities.