SPEA Spotlight: Oklahoma

SPEA Spotlight: Oklahoma
Regency: Three
Regent: Andrea Fenton
Local Chapter: University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
President- Lauren Nichols
Event Title: Ethics in the geriatric population
Our 3rd meeting of the year featured Dr. Jan Henry, a general dentist in Nichols Hills, OK and alum of OU College of Dentistry. She highlighted the growing geriatric population and how to ethically treat aging patients. As baby boomers begin to reach retirement, they become a large portion of our patient family. Dr. Henry asked several questions to spark discussion and later provided insight to how she handles her elderly population. What accommodations should be made for the elderly in the dental office? Do we need to treat as aggressively in a geriatric patient? Students were able to think critically and share thoughts about this particular population.

SPEA Spotlight: CDM

SPEA Spotlight: Columbia
SPEA Spotlight
Regency: Six
Regent: Steven Daws
Local Chapter: Columbia University College of Dental Medicine
Location: Manhattan, New York, NY
President- @Juliet Tchorbajian
Vice President- Stephanie Bernard
Secretary- Vishah Dhamee
Treasurer- Jennifer Tsuan
Event Title: ACD Panel
We had an excellent panel discussion focusing on the numerous moral dilemmas that can occur practice and in dental school!

Chapter Award Submissions Now Open-2017

Chapter award submissions are now open for nominations for the 2017 annual session in Atlanta, GA

There are four categories this year with a winner selected in each one:

*Winners of Regency Chapter of the Year will be automatically nominated for National Chapter of the Year.

Submission guidelines for each award are available to download by clicking the above links. The due date is September 15, 2017.

Each submission will be reviewed by the Awards Committee and winners will be announced at Annual Session. (If you haven’t registered yet, get on it!)

We hope each chapter considers applying for at least one award.

For examples of past winners see the following:

SPEA Schulich Best Event 2016

Roseman University Chapter of the-Year 2016 

SPEA Spotlight: Tufts

SPEA Spotlight
Regency: Six
Regent: Steven Daws
Local Chapter: Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
Location: Boston, MA
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kathryn Ragalis
SPEA Chapter President: Ian Dicandson
Vice-president: Lauren Hagspiel
Treasurer: Ashley Mullaney
Secretary: Stefane Bourguignon
D19 Representative: Ahmad Abazari
Event Title: SPEA and Tufts + Alumni!
Professionalism in action! The full chapter of Tufts SPEA met with the Dean of Tufts Dental to accept a check from gracious alumni Dr. Janice Conrad who donated her award from the American College of Dentists earlier this year. The funding will be put to good use, as the group has a “Questionable Ethics Discussion” dinner in the works and a Town Hall meeting later in the year. This chapter may be new, but we are growing fast and growing strong!

Pictured above in right image from left to right: Ahmad Abazari D19 (D19 Representative), Dr. Kathryn Ragalis (Advisor), Stefane Bourguignon D20 (Secretary), Dr. Huw Thomas (Dean of TUSDM), Dr. Steve Rubin (Advisor), Lauren Hagspiel D19 (Vice President), Ashley Mullaney D19 (Treasurer), Ian Dickinson D19 (President), Jesse Huston D19 (Member at Large)

SPEA Spotlight: Touro

SPEA Spotlight

Regency: Six
Regent: Steven Daws
ACD Regent: Dr. Mark A. Bauman
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Eric Wachs
SPEA Chapter President: Jessica Li
(ASDA Chapter President): Ben Kahan

Local Chapter: Touro College of Dental Medicine @ NYMC
Location: Hawthorne, NY
M.C.: Jessica Li
ACD Regent – Dr. Mark A. Bauman
President of The Ninth District Dental Association- Dr. Mary Ellen Lukaswitz
Past-President of The Ninth District Dental Association – Dr. Paul Kim
Member of The Ninth District Board of Governors – Dr. Duraid Sahawneh
Photographer(s): Mark A. Bauman & Deborah Anders

Event Title: From Student to Practitioner & The Role of Organized Dentistry

On Friday, April 28, 2017, Touro College of Dental Medicine had its inaugural joint meeting hosted by the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) and Student Professionalism & Ethics Association (SPEA) chapters. This event was co-sponsored by The Ninth District Dental Association and the New York Section of the American College of Dentists.

The program included a pizza lunch and a panel discussion — covering topics including, but not limited to, ethical considerations, an overview of organized dentistry, the benefits of involvements with organized dentistry, and the American College of Dentists (please see below for a list of questions). Questions were set prior to the event and each panelist was randomly assigned a question to answer. The floor was then opened for follow-up questions from students.

Special thanks to: Dr. Mark Bauman (ACD Regent), Dr. Julie Connolly (Columbia), Steven Daws (SPEA Regent), Dr. Michael Meru (National Head of SPEA), Juliet Tchor (Columbia), Dr. Eric Wachs (Touro), and all panelists (see above).

SPEA Spotlight: IU

Indiana University School of Dentistry SPEA Chapter Presents: The Indiana State Board of Dentistry
SPEA Spotlight:
SPEA Chapter Highlight:
Regency: Four
Regent: Josh Bussard
Local Chapter: Indiana University
Location: Indianapolis, IN
– President: Jill Stetzel
– Vice President: Patrick McIntyre
– Secretary: Jennifer Wu
– Treasurer: Chase Ellinwood
-Social Media Chair: Maria Veronica Contreras
-Director of Hospitality: Stephanie Bowers
-Thank you note writing: Katherine Ferry
Event Title: Professionalism Panel
Students and faculty gathered in one of the lecture halls at IUSD to listen to insight on dental licensure, board hearings, and state laws regarding dentistry from Dr. Mark Stetzel, Dr. Richard Nowakowski, and Dr. Gregory Berger. Dr. Stetzel is the current president of the Indiana State Board of Dentistry, and in the past, has served in the ADA house of delegates, as the president of the Indiana Dental Association (IDA), and as the president of the Isaac Knapp District Dental Society. Dr. Nowakowski is the current secretary for the Indiana State Board of Dentistry and Dr. Berger is a newly appointed member of the State Board. Both Dr. Stetzel and Dr. Nowakowski are IUSD graduates of the class of 1984. Dr. Stetzel gave a short presentation on the current dynamics of state board exams, some of his personal values concerning patient care, and a comparison between the duties of the State Board and the IDA. Through his experiences with both institutions he observed that the state board has goals oriented more toward serving the public whereas the IDA, with its peer review board, is more focused on protection of the dentists. Following the presentation, Dr. Stetzel and Dr. Nowakowski led an engaging discussion on the current initiative for one nationally recognized board exam and the ethical dilemmas of the live patient board exam. Students and Dean John Williams debated possible alternatives or improvements that would constitute better protection of the patients but also adequate examination of the students’ clinical capabilities.

SPEA Spotlight: Marquette

SPEA Spotlight:
Regency: Two
Regent: Abby Jewell
Local Chapter: Marquette University School of Dentistry
Location: Milwaukee, WI
– President: Alison Agnes
-Treasurer: Casey Nick
– Membership Coordinator: Laura Sauvage

Marquette’s SPEA chapter is young and thriving! They expanded their chapter with 108 new members this year! Together, they’re working to build awareness and participation within the Student Professionalism and Ethics Association. Earlier this month, they held a “SPEA Soup Cook-off,” chaired by Payton Canchola where members made homemade soups, served with Hawaiian bread, during the lunch hour. Entry was $5 and included taster cups so faculty, students and staff could try each one before scooping up a bowl. Soups included tomato basil, chicken curry, broccoli cheddar, dairy free corn and potato, lentil vegetable, and more! Members brought their A-game with the mouth-watering recipes! Events this spring included speakers presenting on the “Polished Professional” focusing on CV’s and resumes and Ethics Grand Rounds teleconferences with local hospitals on different topics. Keep up the great work Marquette!

SPEA Spotlight: UMKC

SPEA Spotlight:
Regency: Two
Regent: Abby Jewell
Local Chapter: University of Missouri-Kansas City
Location: Kansas City, MO
– President: Abby Jewell
– Vice President: Brad Matthes / Pete Ziegler
– Secretary: Camille Smith
– Treasurer: Matthew Fry
This past weekend at the Midwest Dental Conference, here in KC, I was invited to attend the Kansas ACD meeting and had the privilege of speaking briefly on behalf of SPEA on a national and local level to the members of the Kansas ACD. Here is a picture of Dr. Charles Squire, ACD Regent for Regency 5 & Dr. Oettmeier, ACD President.–Abby Jewell

SPEA Spotlight: USC

SPEA Spotlight

Regency: One

Regent: Judy Naziri

Local Chapter: Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry at USC

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Judy Naziri

Daniel Adelpour


2017 Class President- Mishaun Sahebi

2018 Class President- Ambika Parti

2019 Class President- Moji Ghalambor

2020 Class President- Sai patadia


Krista Sue

Event Title: Ethical Throwdown

Our event was a lunch-and-learn which included a 4 person panel: the class presidents from each graduating year. Two panel members gave their answers to various ethical dilemmas. These dilemmas were then opened to the audience where a discussion was initiated. The dilemmas were examples taken from the ACD website and ranged from patients who want the “Whitest Teeth” to an adolescent patient who wanted to conceal her pregnancy from her mother. Each panel member was given a pair of SPEA safety glasses for participating. To purchase one of these glasses please contact any one of the SPEA board members!

Krista Sue Natalie Inoue Lindsey Williams Benjamin Garai Judy Naziri Daniel Adelpour Neelab Anwar

SPEA Spotlight: IUSD

SPEA Spotlight:
SPEA Chapter Highlight:
Regency: Four
Regent: Joshua Bussard
Local Chapter: Indiana University
Location: Indianapolis, IN
– President: Jill Stetzel
– Vice President: Patrick McIntre
– Secretary: Jennifer Wu
– Treasurer: Chase Ellinwood
-Social Media Chair: Maria Veronica Contreras
-Director of Hospitality: Stephanie Bowers
-Thank you note-writing: Katherine Ferry
Event Title: Professionalism Panel
As students waited in the lecture hall for Dr. Kelton Stewart to arrive and present for the monthly SPEA event, the speakers started blaring with rap music. In walked a man dressed in baggy sweat pants, a black hoody, a flat-brimmed hat, and a shiny gold grill. The student’s eyes followed the man as he strutted to the front of the room, slouched into a chair and said, “My name is Dr. Stewart and I am your orthodontist.” The crowd laughed as Dr. Stewart took off his costume to reveal a pressed suit with a perfectly positioned bow-tie. Dr. Stewart asked the audience to decide which person was the professional? Who would they want as their orthodontist?

Dr. Stewart’s presentation, “The Portrait of a Professional,” not only challenged students to define what constitutes a professional but also encouraged students to reflect on how our behaviors play a role in patient care and management. For example, having good communication skills and showing patients empathy develops trust and a positive rapport with our patients. He tested students to define traits of a professional; factors like compassion, humility, and integrity. Dr. Stewart also asked us to look inward to evaluate our own biases towards professionals and to understand that our patient’s will also have biases based on their own experiences. We were given a list of the “Top 10 Professional Don’ts” and discussed how those behaviors impact our patients. “The Portrait of a Professional” presented by Dr. Stewart showed students that by understanding what influences a professional we can create a better environment for patient care and in turn, influence how patients perceive us and the care we render.

Top 10 Professional Don’ts
#1 Don’t stop learning
#2 Don’t smoke
#3 Don’t lie or play down a condition
#4 Don’t let emotions get the better of you
#5 Don’t claim to have all the answers
#6 Don’t promise a patient anything
#7 Don’t post questionable content online
#8 Don’t bad mouth other patients and staff
#9 Don’t date your patients
#10 Don’t pass judgment onto patients